Agile process

Three Pillars of Agile

Agile projects especially projects following Scrum Methodology depends on co-ordination and communication of three important roles in the project, namely, Product Owner, Scrum Team and Scrum Master.

Product Owner

The Product Owner looks after the scope of the project and that team delivers the most important features first in the project. Look…

A new product is launched in the market to reduce the inflation cost of production by making improvements on existing products, targeted to the current market needs. New products are launched by introducing area-specific changes to extend the market space. New Products permit organizations to develop incomes and hold high…

The Need For Long-Horizon Forecasting

Long-horizon forecasting involves predicting a situation 1.5–2 years in advance. Some businesses need such horizons for procurement of raw materials, ensuring the availability of staff and labour to meet demand and supply, expense management in terms of maintenance, smart purchasing to improve infrastructure and technology for continuous growth, and even…


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